Welcome to Jerrys Computer Rooms!
If your here looking for games, movies, music or apps your going to have to get in touch with me first. I have terabytes of it but your going to need a username and password. If you already have one then it will probably get you in for most of it. If you dont you can find a way to get a hold of me on my contact page.
I currently have over 450 movies, 73,960 songs, 94 PC games (sorry no console games) and hundreds of variuos computer programs. If you dont see what your looking for, odds are I can find it. Just remember to let me know before you download anything bigger than a gigabyte. You never know when I will restart my server and I would hate to cut you off in the middle, or worse, the end of your transfer.

Computer Repair.
I also repair and build computers on the side. My prices are pretty reasonable in comparison to most computer stores. I usualy try to keep it around $35 an hour. Most computer stores get around $50 an hour. Geek Squad charges $30 per half hour. I dont mark up prices on new equipment. You pay what I pay and I always give you a copy of the recipt that I get from the seller. You can get a new computer for as little as $230 without the monitor and before shipping. It's usualy about $15-$20 for shipping and I've seen monitors for as little as $49.95 brand new! Keyboard and mouse combo's you can get for $25 as well.

Need a new computer?
Building a computer verses buying one off the shelf can make alot of diffrence on the price tag. Your not just buying the hardware when you buy off the shelf, your buying the software that comes with it. Some of this software you may never use. This includes the operating system like Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. There are operating systems like Windows and Mac OS that are completely free to download and use. You can even make copies and give them away to your friends. Ever hear of Linux? Ubuntu is probably the most comon and you can even get them to send you free disks in the mail. It works just like the others but 100% cheaper. Not to mention they are not so prone to viruses. I would'nt plan on playing many games on them as none of the big companies like Activision or EA games make the compatible for Linux but thats about it on the limitations. You can build a new computer that will run Linux for under $300 and thats even with a new monitor!
Gaming computers on the other hand can run a little more. I just priced a new gaming system out at around $3800. They can even go for more than that if you want all the latest and greatest. Windows alone will cost you anywhere from $100 to $300 for a simple dual core computer. Plan on $300 to $700 on a those 3, 6, or 8 core systems. So do your homework before you decide on a new computer system. They can really put a dent in your bank account.