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Security Solution

How serious is digital security? Just by going to a site means someone can get your IP address. This IP address is your PUBLIC IP address that anyone can see.

Internet and Network Security is a big deal these days. Don't get caught off guard, it can cost you everything! Files can be locked, deleted, or even stolen.

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Systems Administration
Technology has always been a passion of mine, whether it was a new app on a Droid phone or soldering in a diode to a motherboard. My experience includes server, workstation, network and user management as well as application support. I have experience in large multi-domain environments supporting more than 200 users. Creating and managing user accounts rights and permissions through Active Directory / Group Policy Management in a multi-site design.
I operate an in-home lab using HyperV to allow me to manage servers as my own personal training environment and testing. I have considerable hands on experience with all of the Microsoft Windows Operating systems and networking experience. It's not just my profession, it's also a hobby.


    Windows 2000

    Windows XP Professional

    Windows Vista Business

    Windows 7 Professional

    Windows 8 Professional

    Windows 10 Professional  

Microsoft Office Suite








    • Windows Server Proficiencies

Windows 2003 - 2019 Server

Active Directory

Microsoft Exchange

Group Policy.

Secure VPN

Website Development

Shared Apps




Bandwidth Control

Network Security

Segregated Networks

Wireless Communication

Networking Periphreals


Hardware Firewalls

Routers and Gateway's

Malware Protection

Backup's and Data Protection

CCTV/IP Security Camera's

Password Management

Identity Protection

Cloud Services

Cloud Storage

Online Applications

Remote Access

Remote Monitoring

Remote Servers

Shared Apps

Website/App Development







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