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Security Solution

How serious is digital security? Just by going to a site means someone can get your IP address. This IP address is your PUBLIC IP address that anyone can see.

Internet and Network Security is a big deal these days. Don't get caught off guard, it can cost you everything! Files can be locked, deleted, or even stolen.

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Welcome to my Website


This site was established December 2001. It was a birthday gift from Dad and I've kept it going since. I mostly use it to point certian internet traffi here to my house. All services and hardware is hosted here in my own server cabinet. Website, Streaming Media Server, remote connection server, and even a file server are all hosted here. Hosting your own cloud services is only a small portion of what I do.

From computers and laptops, to tablets and cell phones, I do almost anything to all your connected devices. I Have a fully automated home that works no matter where I'm at and all of my data is at the tips of my fingers anytime I want it. Remote services and remote access is secure and any "Funny Looking Traffic" is logged by my firewall. The internet connection is just a run-of-the-mill connections from Buckeye Broadband. I maintain a pretty hefty server here that runs 2 other virtual servers. A stand-alone firewall that gives me real time monitoring as well as email alerts if anything unusual is happening. With daily reports coming in, I can better configure the access here.

I designed and deployed my own site here, though I am guilty of using a template. I do not claim to be a web designer or a developer, but I do enjoy doing my own site. I've done other basic sites here and there, all have been redesigned since. Files downloaded from this site are stored here on my own drives. Movies, TV, Music, and Audiobooks are also stored here. In all I have 48 terrabytes of storage space. Half of which are used for backups for the other half. Backing up 23 terabytes to the cloud is just not a viable option for a cable connection.



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