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Security Solution

How serious is digital security? Just by going to a site means someone can get your IP address. This IP address is your PUBLIC IP address that anyone can see.

Internet and Network Security is a big deal these days. Don't get caught off guard, it can cost you everything! Files can be locked, deleted, or even stolen.

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Network Services include:

  1. Routers
  2. Switches
  3. Firewalls
  4. Security Checks
  5. Access Points
  6. Wireless Bridges
  7. Network Monitoring

Computer Services include:

  1. Computer Setup and Deployment
  2. Software Installation and Configuration
  3. Virus Scanning and Removal
  4. Data Backups and Restoration
  5. Basic Computer Maintanence
  6. Equipment Recycling
  7. Computer Upgrades/Updates

Training Services include:

  1. Recognizing and Removing Malware and Viruses
  2. Sending/Recieveing Secure Emails and Attachments
  3. Software Setup and Configuration
  4. Computer Safety and Security
  5. Maintaining a secure Infrastructure
  6. Monitoring Traffic in and out of your router
  7. Knowing your way around the web



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